In which subway station should you get off in Barcelona?

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Yayakis got involved in a multicultural campaign in Barcelona and produced these tube maps with real data of people that live in different neighborhoods in the city.

People born in Barcelona / Total people living near the subway stop

If you are looking for a multicultural environmental you should get off in Liceu, Drassanes, Jaume I, or Trinitat Vella. In Drassanes and Liceu just 31% of the population was born in the province of Barcelona.

If you are looking for people who where born in Barcelona stop at Tres Torres (70%).

How many men (20 to 40) per women (20 to 40) there are

If you're looking for men between 20 to 40 get off at Besos and Besos Mar. For every 145 men there are 100 women. Other options would be: Drassanes (1.39 male / female) or Liceu (1.35 male/female).

If you're looking for women aged 20 to 40 take lines 6 and 7, in Tres Torres for every 88 men aged 20 to 40 years old there are 100 women.

Average age