Barcelona Intercultural Plan

Videos | Web | Participation Analysis | Evaluation Report

City Council of Barcelona

We developed a website that informed about everything that was happening during the plan’s construction (summaries of participatory sessions, answers to the 5 questions via online, videos of people answering those 5 questions, news about the contributions of various city council departments, etc..).

The participation (audio, video, and text) was analysed with software analysis tool: atlas.ti. The analysis was performed based on 5 themes:

  • Perception of participants living together in a diverse society
  • Obstacles to living together in a diverse society
  • Aspects that facilitate coexistence
  • Common elements for living in a diverse society
  • Intercultural spaces in the city

We produced a written report on the participation process, a series of concept maps, and a video summary of the process.

Download the Plan